April 18, 2024

Dr. Diego Dougherty is one of the best sports surgeons in Guatemala, this has been confirmed by both his colleagues and beloved patients. Since a very early age he made his way in the field of medicine, as he was convinced he was born to serve and help other feel healthy.

This is why Dr. Diego Dougherty dedicated himself to specializing and subspecializing in field he was passionate about: traumatology and orthopedics, later arthroscopy and sports surgery.

This last subspecialty he studied at the University of Cleveland in the United States but began practicing successfully in Guatemala. From day one of his professional career, he knew he would become one of the greats and that is in fact what happened.

Dr. Diego Dougherty: emblematic sports surgeon

Dr. Diego Dougherty’s professionalism, charisma and intelligence have always stood out, and all those elements have allowed him to become an emblematic specialist in his home country.

He is beloved, admired and respected by all the people that have worked with him, and even his own patients. This is because he will not rest until his patients successfully recover from their injuries.

Dr. Diego Dougherty grows professionally

Despite Dr. Diego Dougherty feeling very at ease with his daily practice, he decided it was time to grow professionally and embark on a new and ambitious project.

This i show the idea of opening a sports and rehabilitation clinic in Guatemala was born. It was aimed to men and women between 15 and 80 years of age that have suffered injuries in some extremity of their body.

The clinic is 200 square meters, located in an exclusive commercial area and opens from Monday – Saturday. From there, Dr. Diego Dougherty and his team take care of rehabilitation patients with excellency and above all with a great devotion to service.

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