June 17, 2024

Rail travel in Europe – The unforgettable Sète


Take a rail travel in Europe to know all the wonders offered by this fantastic continent where every region is plenty of fabulous details, historic facts and countless entertainments able to satisfy even the most exigent tastes. This mean of transportation has many advantages but over the total number of them you find the possibility of moving fast and cheap.

Other benefits include the fact that train stations are generally in the downtowns allowing you to save money on internal transfers since you can go walking to the hotel. The majority of lodgings are more economical in the center of the cities and many restaurants and diverse facilities are nearer. Also you travel with higher comfort because for long distances it is possible to have a bed and if desired you can bring your own food.

Another important reason to prefer the rails is the environmental effect. This system is a lot of less contaminant than airplanes and buses. Their frequency is higher and if you miss your booking, make a new reservation is fast and easy. And, what sceneries you favor to see through your window: only clouds or everything else there are in terrestrial roads?

Knowing the French Riviera

Have you been to Venice? Sète is a small town located in the Montpellier district that will remind you that famous Italian spot. When you arrive the most surprising venue is the rounded hill that appears to dominate everything. It looks like a luxurious residential city where the low winter sun bathes the greenery of their villas. As you get closer you discover the marvelous blue of the Mediterranean Sea that penetrates the ground through virtually Venetian channels.

These canals are filled with fishing boats that unload during the sunset the abundant catches of a well sweaty work day. This city possesses dyed bourgeois buildings that give even more color to the port. The town encompasses and surrounds the mountain, shelter of green among so much sandy plain. Sète may seem like an oasis in the middle of a blue and yellow desert. The ocean and the earth united, creating a pole of life in this flat and apparently empty heath.

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